A cabin in the bus

I loathed riding the school bus in high school, all the way up until I graduated. Seventeen-year-old me watched everyone in my grade pass me by in their own cars. But the bus Candra and I discovered in the North Carolina foothills is cool from the back to the front. 

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An ocean in a lake

If the weather is nice enough, you can see Chicago from Indiana or Michigan at the beaches. I was in Saint Joseph, Michigan, on the longest pier I've walked down, photographing construction workers renovating a lighthouse on a Saturday afternoon. Working on a weekend doesn't sound so bad when the job's on a lake. Except you'd have to back your vehicle down a quarter of a mile long pier at some point.


A clearing in the forest

Just ten miles of mountain roads can take an hour to travel. Even longer when you’re stuck behind another driver that’s terrified of traversing winding roads without guard rails. It’s best not to honk. They’re already on the edge (hah). So if there’s an opportunity to pull over to see what’s hiding behind the tree lines, you’d better take it to break the monotony of a forest. (Hover over images for captions)

A cabin in the Smokies

My 2003 Ford Explorer is that one person everyone knows: happy on the outside, but miserable inside. And for good reasons, too. Three out of four windows don't work and some asthmatic entity under the hood operates the air conditioning. It sounds powerful when it’s on full blast, but don’t let that roaring fan fool you. It doesn’t cool shit when temperatures surpass 85 degrees. 

So I told my friends, Andres and Candra, we’re definitely driving it to the cabin we rented near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

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