Filming a promotional video

A little over a month ago I filmed a promotional video for The PINQ House boutique in Fayetteville, Georgia. It went well for a first-timer in the commercial world, but there are things I wanted to change. It was a learning experience. 

Sound over visuals

I placed my camera on the tripod to shoot the interview with the owner Rosha Rackley, A.K.A. Flower. I had her sit on a couch next to a window that was my main source of light. I placed a small LED light on the opposite side to catch some light in her eyes. After watching the footage a hundred times, I wish I had followed the rule of thirds. The picture looked good, but my audio left something to be desired. 

I don't have a microphone suitable for indoor recording. I had to make do with my short shotgun microphone, which would have been all right had the floor not been wood. I should have clapped to     hear how distracting the echo would be in the audio. Now I'm looking at adding a wired lavalier microphone to my arsenal. 

Forgetting to breathe 

When my camera wasn't on the tripod, I walked around the house with it on my shoulder, gathering b-roll to supplement the interview. It's comfortable, and you're supposed to be able to relax more. Yet I had to keep reminding myself that it's okay to breathe, that gentle breathing movements look natural in films. I tensed up and got some shaky footage.  

Despite wishing I had done some things differently, I'm glad I did it.

PINQ House: a promotional video

Rosha Rackley, A.K.A. Flower, runs a boutique/hair salon/event space for mothers and daughters in Fayetteville, Georgia, in an old pink house. Flower does a lot, but it's all to help create strong, independent women. Flower is trying to start a movement, and she hopes her daughter will take over the business when she's old enough. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Life of Riley" (