Capsized on the Chattahoochee

Note: This happened on March 15, but I didn't get to write about it until now.

It was a sunny and unusually hot day for March, but a great day to go hiking or fishing or canoeing. The Chattahoochee River was like glass. Smooth sailing for a couple out on a canoe, their paddles cutting through the water without much effort, until they passed over a rocky, shallow section of the river. 

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Test footage from my phone

I picked up an anamorphic lens adapter by Moondog Labs for the iPhone 6S, and a grip to hold it all steady so I can film things at a moments notice. I drove to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Center, a ten-minute drive from my home, to get some test footage to see how the rig performs. Since there isn't a neutral density filter I can attach to my phone, I film during sunset to limit overexposure. A phone doesn't replace a dedicated video camera, but it's an enjoyable experience. So far.