One light and a practical: another test shoot


All right, so really two lights. But I only used one to light my face for this test. I wanted to see what I could accomplish with one bright light. On camera-left, I used a Stella 2000 diffused by a white umbrella, and on camera-right, a white reflector to fill the shadows. Originally, the reflector was hanging from a light stand at a 90 degree angle. It wasn't doing much to fill in the shadows on camera-right, so I had to get creative. I MacGyvered gaffer tape and an extendable flashlight to the light stand to push the reflector up to a 75 degree angle. I used the practical light in the hallway to separate myself from the background. The two different color temperatures work well and give a nice contrast. 



The fox and the bear

So it happened. My brother, Bill, got married on January 13. I started the morning with A Nightmare on Elm Street while sitting in bed in my room at the Hard Rock hotel overlooking downtown Chicago. Friday the 13th would have been more fitting, though it wouldn't have calmed my nerves anymore.

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Fireworks and balloons

I spent the Fourth in Joliet, Illinois, with my dad's side of the family, and watched my two young warmongering cousins have a water balloon fight. Well, sort of. Nolan's soaked clothing was a result of self-infliction, and Chase spent most of the time sucking or squeezing the water out of the balloons. War has changed. They've got a self-tying balloon nozzle that connects to the garden hose. I wish it existed when I was a kid. (Hover over images for captions)


Several months ago my father told me my sister's pregnant.  And now I have a niece who's introduced me to unclehood. How about that? I hope she'll find me to be awesome. Meet Helen and her first-time grandparents. (Hover over images for captions)