Best Man with a camera

Last March, my brother surprised me with a request: that I would be the Best Man at his wedding. He also asked me to be one of the photographers. I know how to take photographs, but I don't know what being a Best Man entails. I 'ought to be preparing for my toast, but I suppose I'll procrastinate and write my thoughts here instead.

Packing for Chicago in January is tricky. The clothes I'm shoving in a suitcase are much thicker than what I would pack for the summer. Plus I need to leave room for a suit! So, my camera gear will have to be compact. I'll be packing the following in two bags:

  • A collapsible disc reflector
  • Travel tripod and light stand
  • Two camera bodies
  • 24, 50 and 80-200 mm lenses
  • A flashgun with wireless transceiver/receiver 
  • Travel gray/white cards
  • Three batteries and SD cards

So I think I'm all set on the photography side of things.

I've photographed a wedding and bar mitzvah, but never from the inside. A behind-the-scenes photoshoot from a member of the wedding party could be an interesting perspective. And when I need to put the camera away to tend to the duties of the best man, I always have a phone. The best camera is the one you have on you, right? Luckily my girlfriend, Candra, will be taking photos during the ceremony.