Photographing the aesthetics of storage furniture

So here's a post that's different from all the others: commercial furniture photography. It's something I do for work. I love storage. And deep down, I think most other people do too. Who doesn't appreciate flush surfaces and joints, straight lines, and perfect fits? Good design is something to marvel at. When countertops are free of clutter, when drawers and cabinet doors close all the way, they make attractive photographs. Organization is aesthetically pleasing.

In my office, movies are on a shelf in alphabetical order, camera gear is stored in a locker cabinet, usb cables in a drawer, chargers in a box. I'm particular about how I store things. Except for paper which I throw in a single drawer that has receipts from several months ago. That drawer needs to be cleaned out again. Anyway, I never thought I'd be photographing storage furniture, but all the things that make a great photograph still apply. So long as a camera is in my hands, I'm a happy guy.